Customer Spotlight: Bridget from Becrowbe


Bridget's home feels like a layered, inviting sanctuary, where style and healing are found throughout each room. We loved learning more about her, and are so excited to share her home with you! 


Name: Bridget Ambrose

Location: Western region of Montana

How would you describe your style? Laid back, mix and match, retro-western-desert meets rock-and-roll-mystic-earthy- bohemian (that’s a style right!??!).

Tell us a little about yourself: I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I am a super creative person, a dedicated mom, wife and healer with an energy medicine practice in our home. Two years ago we took the leap to leave the city for the openness and easy pace of Montana.
My background is in psychology with an extended focus in child development. I’m a Reiki Master, Craniosacral Practitioner and intuitive tarot reader and now self- taught interior stylist (learning as I go). Prior to my healing practice I was in marketing and prior to that I worked with children and parents in a variety of settings.

What inspired you when designing your home? I’m inspired by so much- from a small woodsy vibe, to mid-century minimalism, to farmhouse vintage, to the color-drenched layered bohemian folk styles. Overall I’m inspired by design that tells a story and evokes an easiness within a space.

What do you love about your FMF pieces? Throw pillows, poufs, rugs all of the FMF exotic textiles are such good symbols of something we often tell ourselves we don't really need, yet in truth they offer beauty and comfort. For me having these items invokes this knowingness that extra nourishment and comfort is available. The yumminess in Jen’s stand-out pieces changed our home in an instant. People literally slow down when they come in to our space. There is a felt sense of authentic, grounded beauty in every piece she finds.

Where do you get your inspiration? Feel is everything to me. Both in work and in our home, I want to encourage an overall feeling of well being, a felt softness or sanctuary for everyone who enters. I follow my own joy and intuition when it comes to design yet I also look to Pinterest, Instagram and different design books for inspiration as well.

What is a home design tip or trick you have learned recently? Hmmmm I feel like I’m still learning. Yet I would say go with what you feel. Or maybe more accurately what want to feel in your life. For me, making our home a sanctuary is really a natural extension of my work. I really believe your home, your heart, your mind are not separate. These are the places that we live. And we deserve to feel love and nourished. At a minimum bring in some plants!

In the household, who loves your FMF poufs more, you or your kids? Well my kiddo definitely uses the pouf for every movie night and admittedly sometimes as a TV dinner tray of sorts. That said, I’m the true FMF lover in this house. I even keep one of the thickest FMF rugs on my side of the bed, standing on it to start and end my day is my own indulgent mini-haven.

Do you feel that you would be a secret member of the FMF sales anonymous group? It’s no secret I am a HUGE Jen fan and I think it’s fair to say my obsession with her gorgeous goods is still in its infancy!

Why did you choose these FMF piece/s? The home is a great place to get creative on expressing yourself as an individual and at the same time recognizing that we do share commonalities (which is why IG is so fabulous) and there is magic in that. I love being a part of the FMF tribe, connected to Jen and her insane eye for quality in design. There is something about knowing each piece is incredibly unique while at the same time, part of a bigger picture. No matter what you choose you can trust it will be gorgeous and absolutely bring your space together.

What would be your dream FMF product? The double poufs, the rugs, all so so dreamy. Yet to pick one I’d say a gorgeous wine colored faded Beni. I love the ombre fades or even the neutral Beni’s with some variations or groovy art within them. The age, the fading, it’s like reading a beautiful story again and again.

Who inspires you? Jen is a huge inspiration to me, like for forever now! Her authentically care-free approach to design is in many ways how I live my life. The freedom to take a risk, mix it up and express yourself in a zillion different ways over time. Her many design directions all share a common feel of comfort and beauty. Amber Interiors was my first design crush before being anywhere near having a place to style. I know and love the rad beauties at @1000xbetter and the way they curate so many different spaces and styles. The minimal elegance of Carol @cestesdesign, the airy ranch vibes of Jennifer @theranchuncommon, the desert oasis of @thejoshuatreehouse, and I also adore the hippie goodness of Christina @thestellabluegallery. She has magical way of layering in a small space that seems to be anything but small. And we both love the Grateful dead so there’s that. 

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All photos by Bridget Ambrose