Loloi Javari Collection


This post is sponsored by Loloi Rugs, all opinions are my own. 

Lets just take a minute and feast our eyes on the richness that this rug brings to the space, shall we?

When Loloi reached out to me about the new Javari collection, I could not have been more excited as I looked through the beautiful textures and colors in the collection. I am having a huge neutral moment right now, and this stunning charcoal Javari rug immediately inspired me. I love the texture and movement in this rug, which inspired me to keep other elements in the space more subdued and neutral, to ensure that the lush, bold pattern really shined. I love an eclectic mix of new and old, and I knew this rug was perfect for the vision I had for this space. It brings a contemporary, modern edge to a space but in a calm and refined way that blends perfectly with vintage pieces. 

I am completely head over heels for white floors these days, and one huge perk? It is the perfect background for such a rich, bold piece. The richness in the variations in the rug shine against all of the neutrals, and the rug plays so beautifully with the serene, yet modern style I am creating in my home. I love to mix in modern with vintage, and I wanted to incorporate a bold pattern and a deep contrast in the space while still keeping everything fresh and calm. The warm colors within the variations play so well with wood tones and brass, both of which are so common in vintage pieces, and the bold pattern adds interest and movement to the whole space without being too wild. The soft pile is luxurious, but still short and manageable for high traffic areas. I love that this rug is modern, but in a completely approachable and warm way.


This rug is a perfect example of a versatile rug that is not simply a solid color. The main colors are neutral, and the small scale pattern combined with the variations and distressing lends a softness to the rug that allows it to blend well with other elements in the space. I chose to go a more minimalist route, but it would look equally at home in a more maximalist space, with some plants in the corner, a pile of colorful pillows on the sofa, and a stack of bright coffee table books on the table. The dark base really catches your eye and grounds the space, adding dimension to a minimalists' space, and another layer of texture to a maximalists' space. My space is still coming together as I refine things and find new gems at the flea, but I am happy with the way the room is coming together!

I've probably gushed about her long enough though- its your turn! How do you think you would style this Loloi beauty in your space?

If you want to purchase one for your space, you can find it here. And if you have any questions or want to find a retailer near you, you can contact Loloi at 


Photography by Anisa Rrapaj