Suffering from headaches till.....


I dont know if you had a chance to catch my IG stories these last couple days…BUT… The universe sent me a mattress!!! Yes, I know, it sounds strange but listen.

Almost two months ago my husband (Mr. Neon) and I decided we were moving our bedroom to another room in the house. It is a larger space on a lower level, and to be honest I can’t be more excited about it… buuuuut that’s another story (we only have so much time here) HA!!

When we had this discussion I mentioned to him we needed to make sure we purchased a new mattress. I had been waking up the last year with headaches, he blamed my pillows and I of course blamed the mattress. We also knew that it was a 15 year old mattress and it had served its time. But clearly the headaches needed to go.

The search then began.  In this small window to my world I just so happened to receive a package from UPS a few days later. Tony my driver in short talk mentioned his next stop was a 150 pound mattress delivery.

WELLLL….. as they say, you put it out in the universe and it will come.

Our conversation then became me telling him how we need a new mattress and he then responding that they ( he and his wife) have a Casper Wave Mattress and they love it, best sleep they have had.

So, onward I marched to my computer and started looking into the Casper wave and Company. I wanted to show my husband and chat with him about it. With it slipping my mind at the time and then having a flood

in our house during the week I didn’t even think anymore about it. Now lay on the anxiety and stress, right?!!!


Hmmmmmm UNIVERSE?!!!!! I mean , the universe seems to be working full time for me at this point, wouldn’t you think?

I was so excited and relieved to know positive vibes were coming my way.


I received my mattress, Oh and I got the Airy linen sheet set and duvet cover!!!! GAME CHANGER, let me tell ya!!!!!

You know …. If a girl goes shopping for a new outfit, she’s going all in, RIGHT? RIGHT!!!


I received my mattress, sheets and three full nights of the most amazing sleep that I haven’t had in almost a year. Both my husband and I have slept straight through the night these last three days. It’s hard to describe how relieved I am to be able to finally sleep comfortably.  I haven’t felt this way on a mattress in 15 years. The comfort and support is key and I believe that was why I was getting the headaches. I haven’t woke up with a headache since sleeping on the Wave. Hallelujah!!!!

Now the fun begins for me to design the new bedroom and finally make the move. But I am so grateful for the casper mattress to give me the comfort I need while I sit and make the magic happen. Thank you Casper., Thank you Universe!     OH .. My husband really thanks you … HAHA.. better moods ahead !!!!

Now the fun begins for me to design the new bedroom and finally make the move. But I am so grateful for the casper mattress to give me the comfort I need while I sit and make the magic happen. Thank you Casper., Thank you Universe!

OH .. My husband really thanks you … HAHA.. better moods ahead !!!!

Modern Macrame x Thread Caravan x FMF

Big announcement! 

Thread Caravan is hitting the road for the Modern Macramé workshop and book tour this summer and we're beyond excited to announce that FMF will be hostessing the Cleveland stop on Tuesday, July 17th! 

During the workshop, @modernmacrame will be showing you how to make a beautiful Wall Hanging with all the materials you'll need. One common question is “Do I need experience to come?” and the answer is No! You’re there to learn the art and she will guide you from start to finish.

@threadcaravan will be on site with a mini pop-up of textiles and garments from her trips to Guatemala and Mexico!

@unionwinecompany and @kylakombucha will be offering light refreshments.

Tickets are going fast and space is very limited! You can find further details including ticket cost, time and location here.



We are rounding up the best round poufs from a few of our favorite customers with the ultimate FMF swag (keep scrolling, you'll see what I'm talking about!). Since their debut this past July, they have been a major hit with our customers. I mean I was harassing our dealer (nicely, I swear) to send me more, they were selling like hotcakes! I just opened our new shipment and I CANNNOT begin to start how many I LOVE. I'm so excited to see the variety in color with the seasons changing. If you want to get your hands on one of these beauts, a little birdy told that we are going to be having an Insta Sale this Sunday!!!

They are going to go fast, so don't snooze on Sunday!! 

XO, Jen

P.S. Here is some inspiration for your home with these FMF round poufs. The uses vary from chair cushions, pet beds, coffee tables, and the ultimate talking point at any party! I'm telling you it's the missing piece to your home, office, party, etc...

Smiles & Textiles

You know how much I love animals, especially dogs. BUT you know how much I really love textiles. When the two come together and I start receiving photos as cute as these from our FMF family, it makes my heart explode with happiness. I have realized being in the business, that it would appear that all the furry friends are more excited to see the FMF packages than their owners.  If you haven't been able to get your hands on one of these ultimate bougie pet beds during a sale, this is your chance. We have just loaded a new round of poufs and pillows on the shop!




P.S. October is adopt a shelter dog month. Let's not forget about the furbabes that are not as lucky to have amazing humans taking care of them. I am a big supporter of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Every Christmas, I bake 500+ cookies and go around fundraising money for ASPCA. There are so many ways to help just by clicking here.

P.P.S. Couldn't leave without posting one of my furbabes!

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.56.24 PM.png

Desha Peacock's New Book: Your Creative Work Space

I have such exciting news to share, my office has been featured in Desha Peacock's new book, Your Creative Work Space: The Sweet Spot Style Guide to Home Office + Studio Decor!!! I am so honored and thrilled to be alongside so many amazing, talented creatives who are featured in this book. If you are a creative, this book is so inspiring! I love seeing where artists and designers work, and this book has a beautiful way of showing each space, and letting us into the minds of each person behind the space! Here are a few photos from the book, I hope you will pick up a copy and get inspired to create a beautiful place for you to work as well! 

Buy Here

Excerpt from Your Creative Work Space, by Desha Peacock 

Excerpt from Your Creative Work Space, by Desha Peacock 

My Office, Photo by Anisa Rrapaj

Customer Spotlight: Nicole W.


Nicole's home may be small, but it is full of style, and warmth. 
We love how she uses FMF pieces along with finds from her travels, 
and we love that she finds inspiration everywhere. We are so
excited to share her home with you! 


Name: Nicole Worley

Location: Houston Heights, Texas

How would you describe your style?

I feel like my style changes a lot from year to year. As I’m getting older I am more drawn to minimalism even though I am a maximalist at heart. My current home is different than any of my previous homes because I am living with my boyfriend and we are combining our two styles. If I had to categorize my own personal style, it would be “modern bohemian”.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Growing up, my parents flipped houses all over the Dallas area. I learned from an early age how to strip wallpaper, paint a room, reupholster furniture, update cabinet hardware, lay tile, etc.! When I was younger I hated doing all of this stuff, but now as an adult I am so glad that I learned all of these lessons as kid. I didn’t know it back then, but I was developing a passion for interior design at an early age. I currently work in philanthropy, but my true passions are for interior design and wellness. There’s no place I would rather be than at home cooking a meal surrounded by all the things that inspire me in my home.

What inspired you when designing your home?

A soul changing trip to Morocco back in 2010, my mother’s style, trips to the farmer’s market & the local plant nursery, thrift stores, bike rides, relaxation & comfort, and everything that Jen does!

What do you love about your FMF pieces?

I love that each piece is unique and has an unknown story. I love to think about the people who made these pieces and the families that enjoyed them before they made their way to my home. I love the sturdiness and durability of each piece. I truly feel that each piece will be a part of my home forever and that my future children will enjoy them too.  I even love the small stain on one of my rugs! The beauty of these pieces is definitely in their details, imperfections, and history.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere! I have so many design heroes that I follow on Instagram and blogs. But, my favorite way to get inspired is to travel. I try to pick up something new for my home from every city, state, and country I visit. Even though I love to travel I am also a big homebody at heart. I love to be comfortable and relaxed in my home- big blankets, tons of pillows, shaggy rugs, and poufs are a must!  

What is a home design tip or trick you have learned recently?

 Simplify!! Our home is about 600 square feet so we had to be very selective about what we brought into our home. Only the items that we absolutely love passed the test. I love the intentionality of living in small spaces because everything has meaning and a purpose. I can look at every square inch in our home and find something that makes me smile.

 In the household, who loves your FMF poufs more, you or your dog?

 This is a tough question, but probably me! My dog loves the poufs and sits on one every morning while I do my makeup and get ready for the day. But, I am the one that would be heartbroken without them.

Do you feel that you would be a secret member of the FMF sales anonymous group?

I think the secret is out about how much I am obsessed with FMF! I have even inspired a few of my friends to buy some FMF pieces.

What would be your dream FMF product?

I am currently in the market for a new runner for our kitchen and also have my eye out for a double pouf to put at the end of our bed. But, if we lived in a slightly larger home I would be all over a large purple Beni!

Who inspires you?

My mom for sure! She is a genius when it comes to interior design. I am always in awe of how she can transform a space so effortlessly. Every time I visit their home I always find something new.  She has taught me that your home should be the best reflection of you and that it’s okay to change things up. As individuals we are always changing and evolving so don’t be afraid to change up your home as well. 

All photographs by Nicole Worley, used with permission. 

Customer Spotlight: Bridget from Becrowbe


Bridget's home feels like a layered, inviting sanctuary, where style and healing are found throughout each room. We loved learning more about her, and are so excited to share her home with you! 


Name: Bridget Ambrose

Location: Western region of Montana

How would you describe your style? Laid back, mix and match, retro-western-desert meets rock-and-roll-mystic-earthy- bohemian (that’s a style right!??!).

Tell us a little about yourself: I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I am a super creative person, a dedicated mom, wife and healer with an energy medicine practice in our home. Two years ago we took the leap to leave the city for the openness and easy pace of Montana.
My background is in psychology with an extended focus in child development. I’m a Reiki Master, Craniosacral Practitioner and intuitive tarot reader and now self- taught interior stylist (learning as I go). Prior to my healing practice I was in marketing and prior to that I worked with children and parents in a variety of settings.

What inspired you when designing your home? I’m inspired by so much- from a small woodsy vibe, to mid-century minimalism, to farmhouse vintage, to the color-drenched layered bohemian folk styles. Overall I’m inspired by design that tells a story and evokes an easiness within a space.

What do you love about your FMF pieces? Throw pillows, poufs, rugs all of the FMF exotic textiles are such good symbols of something we often tell ourselves we don't really need, yet in truth they offer beauty and comfort. For me having these items invokes this knowingness that extra nourishment and comfort is available. The yumminess in Jen’s stand-out pieces changed our home in an instant. People literally slow down when they come in to our space. There is a felt sense of authentic, grounded beauty in every piece she finds.

Where do you get your inspiration? Feel is everything to me. Both in work and in our home, I want to encourage an overall feeling of well being, a felt softness or sanctuary for everyone who enters. I follow my own joy and intuition when it comes to design yet I also look to Pinterest, Instagram and different design books for inspiration as well.

What is a home design tip or trick you have learned recently? Hmmmm I feel like I’m still learning. Yet I would say go with what you feel. Or maybe more accurately what want to feel in your life. For me, making our home a sanctuary is really a natural extension of my work. I really believe your home, your heart, your mind are not separate. These are the places that we live. And we deserve to feel love and nourished. At a minimum bring in some plants!

In the household, who loves your FMF poufs more, you or your kids? Well my kiddo definitely uses the pouf for every movie night and admittedly sometimes as a TV dinner tray of sorts. That said, I’m the true FMF lover in this house. I even keep one of the thickest FMF rugs on my side of the bed, standing on it to start and end my day is my own indulgent mini-haven.

Do you feel that you would be a secret member of the FMF sales anonymous group? It’s no secret I am a HUGE Jen fan and I think it’s fair to say my obsession with her gorgeous goods is still in its infancy!

Why did you choose these FMF piece/s? The home is a great place to get creative on expressing yourself as an individual and at the same time recognizing that we do share commonalities (which is why IG is so fabulous) and there is magic in that. I love being a part of the FMF tribe, connected to Jen and her insane eye for quality in design. There is something about knowing each piece is incredibly unique while at the same time, part of a bigger picture. No matter what you choose you can trust it will be gorgeous and absolutely bring your space together.

What would be your dream FMF product? The double poufs, the rugs, all so so dreamy. Yet to pick one I’d say a gorgeous wine colored faded Beni. I love the ombre fades or even the neutral Beni’s with some variations or groovy art within them. The age, the fading, it’s like reading a beautiful story again and again.

Who inspires you? Jen is a huge inspiration to me, like for forever now! Her authentically care-free approach to design is in many ways how I live my life. The freedom to take a risk, mix it up and express yourself in a zillion different ways over time. Her many design directions all share a common feel of comfort and beauty. Amber Interiors was my first design crush before being anywhere near having a place to style. I know and love the rad beauties at @1000xbetter and the way they curate so many different spaces and styles. The minimal elegance of Carol @cestesdesign, the airy ranch vibes of Jennifer @theranchuncommon, the desert oasis of @thejoshuatreehouse, and I also adore the hippie goodness of Christina @thestellabluegallery. She has magical way of layering in a small space that seems to be anything but small. And we both love the Grateful dead so there’s that. 

Find Bridget on Instagram

All photos by Bridget Ambrose

Customer Spotlight: Kristen from Designdoctork


Kristins home is filled to the brim with colors, patterns and all around cozy vibes. We love how she has incorporated FMF style into her space, and couldn't wait to share it with you too! 

Name: Kristin 

How would you describe your style? Fearless bohemian maximalist girl meets clean-cut modern mid century guy.

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in California and I really embrace the casual laid-back lifestyle here.  I started decorating when I was a kid. I was always moving my bedroom furniture around and asking my parents for new paint or wallpaper in my room. My mom was always re-decorating and she inspired me to do the same. I was super excited when my husband and I bought our first home. We spent the last 14 years remodeling and redecorating it so now I've become a self taught decorator and stylist. I'm a healer by day, and recently started a home staging business with my husband. I really can't help but re-style my home every week, which is why we started our staging business!  

What inspired you when designing your home? I'm constantly redesigning my home so the inspiration is ongoing. Last year I decided to go for it and experiment with color, pattern, and texture with abandon. I love the colors of nature -blues, greens, and only recently I discovered my feminine side and love of pink!  Right now I'm obsessed with all the beautiful textiles from Morocco!  I would love to take a trip there someday. 

What do you love about your FMF pieces? Oh, they have transformed my house!! Jen has an eye for the best boho decor, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with any of her pieces! They all have the feeling of being a showstopper and just one of her rugs can make you walk in a go WOW!! And don't even get me started on her poufs and pillows!! They're amazing quality and look stunning anywhere I put them!



Where do you get your inspiration? I'm inspired by the feeling of relaxation, love, happiness, and joy.  I love the beauty of nature and all of the wonderful colors that surround us. The world is full of life and nature provides us so much beauty!  I love being outside and I want to be surrounded by plants and animals indoors and out. 

What is a home design tip or trick you have learned recently? There really are no rules. I have covered my TV with a gorgeous piece of textile art, and used a stock tank as an outdoor fountain!  I've even thrown a giant pillow cover over the back of a chair! Anything goes and the only limit is your own creativity. If you like it and it makes you happy then you really don't need to use any tricks. Although I've always been a huge fan of using lighting in unusual ways to create special moments all over a room. 

Do you feel that you would be a secret member of the FMF sales anonymous group? Haha!!  I don't think it's a secret I'm a member!! 

Why did you choose these FMF pieces? I knew when I first saw them they were extra special. I literally gasp and get emotional at the sight of her rugs!  Jen selects handmade pieces that carry the emotional energy of the person who made them and you can feel that energy in your home. Each piece is unique and has a story and makes your home feel vibrant and alive!



What would be your dream FMF product? A gorgeous rug Jen has selected for me with hardware attached and ready to hang on the wall!! Or the ceiling!!

Who inspires you? Well, Jen of course- no really!!!  When I first saw her Instagram account I was so stunned! She has the creative eye for what's cool and knows how to put it all together effortlessly. Also, I find constant inspiration by so many people on Instagram!  It's a wonderful supportive community overflowing with love and creativity. I like scrolling through the posts and stories to see the new and exciting  ideas out there. 

Find Kristin on Instagram!

All photos by Kristin Peters. 

Customer Spotlight: Tanya from House of Six Interiors


Here at Flea Market Fab, we love our customers, and we wanted to have a place to show you off once in a while!

Kicking things off for us is Tanya, from House of Six Interiors. Her home is bright, happy, and full of plants and good vibes. Read on to find out more about her FMF style! 

Name: Tanya Meda

Instagram: @houseofsixinteriors

Location: Maplewood, NJ

How would you describe your style? Scandinavia meets boho

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a mom to 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls.  Before having kids, I was Director of Sales for James Perse. The fashion world was fun but intense!  When I was younger,  i was always the kid who was changing her room around growing up - I loved the idea of refreshing my space, evolving it as I evolved and grew. The love for interiors and fashion has always been in my blood.  After getting married and having kids, I settled into being a mom.  I really enjoy being at home for them.  They are my life. But I also reached the point of wanting something for myself.  Interior styling just seemed like a natural fit.  I now have the best of both worlds and have never been happier!

What inspired you when designing your home?: Honestly, its all about when something feels right it just is right.  When I find something that I truly love and am inspired by - my heart literally skips a beat.  I might even squeal a little ;)  Don't get me wrong, it took me a while to figure out it really is as simple as staying true to yourself.  In the beginning, we made a few purchases/choices we ended up regretting because the price was right, etc.

What do you love about your FMF pieces?: I love that there is a history that comes with each piece.  That each is handcrafted and picked.  It means so much to purchase pieces from FMF rather than a big box store.  I am at a point in my life that I want to surround myself with pieces that have meaning or history and also support small business owners.

Where do you get your inspiration?: Instagram, books, magazines.   On any given day, you can find me curled up with a great interior design book. I love to soak up all of that inspiration!



What is a home design tip or trick you have learned recently?: White walls, rugs and plants....the secret formula to making your home look like its out of a magazine!!

In the household, who loves your FMF poufs more, you or your kids?: Ha!!!  i have to say we are tied...although they probably win the battle of using them more!!!



Do you feel that you would be a secret member of the FMF sales anonymous group?: Most definitely!!!  but shhh... I thought it was a secret! ;)

Why did you choose these FMF piece/s?: I love that they are handpicked by Jennifer.  There is something unique about each one.

What would be your dream FMF product?: Ahhhh.... a window seat cushion covered in one of those gorgeous vintage textiles.  i am literally drooling as i think about it!!

Who inspires you?: I love you Jennifer (your home is a true inspiration), Amber Interiors, Emily Henderson, Studio McGee, Justina Blakeney - to name a few.

Check out her Instagram: House of Six Interiors 

All photos by Tanya Meda, @houseofsixinteriors 

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home with us, Tanya! Follow her on Instagram for even more inspiration! 

If you are interested in having your FMF style featured, let us know! Email us at and we can chat!